Marienhof station

In the heart of Munich

Passengers alighting at the new Marienhof station will find themselves right in the heart of Munich. Lifts and escalators will provide quick access to the city centre from the platforms 40 m below ground. There will also be a direct interchange at Marienhof with the U3 and U6 U-Bahn lines.

Station location

The new station will be located beneath the middle of Marienhof square on the northern side of the town hall, with the platforms running east to west. The platforms will be located around 40 m below ground. This depth is required partly by surrounding buildings and partly by the two underground tunnels for the U3 and U6 U-Bahn lines, which the new core route has to pass beneath. The new station's platforms will be 210 m long and extend beneath the buildings to the east and west of Marienhof square.

Passenger numbers are forecast to be high, so plans are in place to have passengers board and alight simultaneously in a configuration known as the Spanish solution. A 14.7-m-wide island platform will be built between the two tracks for boarding, and a 5-m-wide side platform will be built next to each track for alighting.

Construction method

The station structure, located beneath the centre of Marienhof, will be built using the diaphragm wall/cut-and-cover construction method. Click here to find out more about the diaphragm wall/cut-and-cover construction method. The platform areas, which lie beneath the surrounding buildings, and the walkway to the U3/U6 will be built using the tunnel mining method. You can find out more about the tunnel mining method here.

Once construction work is complete, Marienhof square will be restored to green space.

Station entrances and access to U-Bahn lines

The new S-Bahn station at Marienhof will share its concourse with the U-Bahn, and escalators and lifts will speed passengers to their trains.

The station will also provide easy access to the U3 and U6 U-Bahn lines via connecting tunnels.

Other features

  • Two staircases on the northern side of Marienhof
  • Two lifts on the western side of Marienhof
  • Expanded shared staircases for the U-Bahn and S-Bahn at the southern side of Marienhof


Minimal intrusion at surface level

In order to preserve the park-like character of Marienhof square, only some of the lifts and staircases will reach surface level:

  • While the lifts on the side platforms will take passengers only up to the concourse,
  • the island platform will be directly accessible via a lift from surface level.


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